Pause. Just Beginning

Since I’ve first opened this blog and wrote the welcome “Bienvenidos A Mi Viaje Loco” -I’ve had a PAUSE about everything that I feel passionate about should be expressed? As I question myself constantly thinking, I remind myself this is what this Blog is for. Moments when I need to push myself to talk to you guys, share my thoughts on current events and [real life] situations that occur to all of us (in someway). I end up hesitating to write (type in this case)

*i just need to stop being a “scaredy cat” -i guess .*

So at this moment I’m going to start making myself more available. I believe its time. FOR REAL this time. I need to Stop worrying about what others think. Stop thinking negative. Stop surrounding myself with negative people. Just STOP its time to share !

And its not like I havent been pushed to do it with the small talk I’ve had with people… I just get shy about sharing my writing and don’t want to experience the PAUSE I did yrs ago that led me to stop writing in the first place. SO…. I HESISTATE. BUT !!! that going to change. Its going to be a brand new day and that’s when all of this non sense can come to an END.


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