You’re rich and soft

Yet, sometimes Hard.

You give me feelings like

non-other because 

You don’t even have to try,

All you have to do is just 

be in my mouth and 

melt like ice on a hot 

Summery Day

Your curves are what

turns me on and the way

you taste keeps me going

Once you’re in my hand 

there’s no turning back that,

soft brown skin you’re covered with

make me feel special and when 

your coat covers the unknown

you leave me curious. 

What are you covering?

I want to know 

I need to know what’s inside

you ADD fuel to my 


As soon as you’re gone

I want more I cant get enough

you keep me running

back for more. 

It’s something about you

I can’t let you go 

we become one, and you

are just so… damn…Beautiful

I become you, 

and I taste just like you

so, let me melt away in your

mouth and send all you’ll ever 

need up and down your spine.

They say: you are what you eat;

so I want to be Lady Godiva

lady godiva



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