I just want to let you know that, no matter what happens you will always have you -even at the end of the day! The things that s/he might’ve said about you – you may not have liked, it could’ve been rumors or sweet lies to make up something, but 

You know the Truth

You know what’s Real

You know the Lies

You know Him/Her and 

You know You

Don’t you know how strong you are? Don’t you know how loving you are? Don’t you know how much of an amazing person/friend you are? Remember these things, and don’t you ever for get it.

You are Strong.

You are Love.

You are Amazing.

It’s okay to be angry because you don’t have the answers you need to move on. It’s okay to feel like you have been broken hearted; but you remember it’s only feelings that make you feel that way; because your heart is still pumping. It’s okay to be confused because you’re still trying make sense of why things didn’t work out yesterday but it worked today. It’s okay to be aggravated because you’re nothing but his/her friend now, knowing that you should be so much more. It’s okay to feel extremely annoyed because you know the real them and refuse to show you, tell you how they really feel -leaving you guessing, asking unecessary questions.  It’s okay to feel like you finally lost a battle that you could have been won. It’s okay to be impatient, about how things might change, where things will go, or even waiting to see what the future holds. It’s okay to cry… 

It’s okay…

You know, you begin to see yourself through that other person -even after they have been long gone. You have front row seats, to what you know and to what they hide. You understand that even with their flaunt, they forget what extras come with themselves. You’re no teacher -at least not anymore, You’re not a director or even cast member anymore; and that’s okay too, because you’re not blind. You have perfect vision. 

This Letter is so that you can remember your worth while crying, to remember how memorable you can actually be, and to remember how much you loved yourself before you felt this way. Cry ! Exhale ! It’s okay to remember 

The Good

The Bad 

The Ugly

You need all of these things to remember the worth and time you put in, so you can grow. You are the tree that has been planted -so how do you expect to grow without your tears nuturing you? Don’t stop you. Push, you. Keep going -you may have took a couple of detours, came across some stop signs and different lights, but that never stopped you then. So don’t let it now. If it was Vain, just remember you, and who you are. 

I love you.


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