(An entry I found to encourage myself years ago, that actually wanted me to share with you; to encourage you.)

When times are hard, who do you reach out to? Hopefully, when you answer this question, you can also add that they’ve supported you in your time of need in every way possible. Motivation is the action of what support can’t do. Meaning -motivation comes from within. You inner self, it’s your subconscious telling you



“GO, GO, GO!!”

When your support system isn’t there, you will always have your motivation right there beside you. There are many people and things that can motivate you: me, your past, what you want to see in your future and your current relationships. It’s hard sometimes to go back in the past but it helps you see how much you’ve grown and matured. My past, your past is what tells your stories, your mistakes are what makes you such a great person today. “It may be hard, but it’s not impossible” take time out and think about what you want to achieve and in the next couple of years, think about what you hope to look like and where you want to be. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take time, months, maybe even years to get there.

I still have those days where I just want to give up and stop writing, or when I feel fat everytime I eat food or other times I don’t feel like I’m enough; and when those thoughts come 1st: (at this moment if  I’m in a relationship) I usually vent to my boyfriend and act like a big baby -just feeling the need to complain and rant to someone, then: I come back to my senses, reflect, pray and think about how often I complain about issues, but have done nothing about it. I sometimes think about my future and realize that, if I can change one thing today, it can better my tomorrow or something amazing can happen in my future -All because of that one difference. You made a change.

If you can remember to think more about positive events, and moments that have taken place in your life and not worry about the “what if’s” or doubting yourself about anything… I guarantee you, your mind can help you motivate yourself, so much better than a gloomy grey mind (and honestly that works for some people but not me). You most certainly can complain, tell your most trusted friend and express how hard this time is, and how scared you are; they might think you’re crazy or over dramactic, being a drama queen/king but they will not love you any less -they will push you even harder. Sometimes you need that other comfort where you just need tell your bestfriend, eat ice cream, watch the notebook, talk about how fat you guys are and work out. We all cope to motivation and wanting to be motivated differently. Recieve the love and breathe! YOU GOT THIS BOO! Reach out to people who you haven’t talked to in a while and family, beause ultimately they just “want the best for you” that you can’t see yet. It’s okay to reach out to whomever you like, but remember to reach to your inner self, because YOU need you too!


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