Setting: Harlem, NY

Homage: the Harlem Renaissance

When I sit down and listen

All I hear is snaps of fingers

Taps of shoes, pat on legs

and Sha-ba-daba-doo-wops

and moments of humming

You.. bring love to my soul

I dare you to listen all night

I have a new high- Hi my Sweet Love

I want you to rock to me sleep

with your rhythm.

Caress me with your Blues

I want to dance all night

and make you my Love,

Love, you give me fire-

You give me Life

Make me walk the street of

Harlem and watch the lights of NY

Let them shine on me

and dance with me

Dance with Me!

I want you to be apart of me;

Be apart of my Blues

Be the Blues… Yes… I want

You to be my Blues

I want to listen and groove

On the streets 0f 108th -134th st

Speak to me

Sing to me

Bring Savoy and let my inner

Ballroom glow, lets take the

Cotton you’ve picked to build

This club. This is our club Blues

Lets Renaissance this thang on out

and make something.

Lets create the Blues.

Let us be our Blues.


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