5 Minute FREESTYLE: Why are People Afraid to Share Their Gift/Art?

  1. I honestly do think it’s because of rejection and although you may have confidence in your work it sucks when your purpose is to move and it doesn’t. Ultimately, what it comes down to is believing and trusting yourself, So if the push and urge comes to share, I hope you do so.
  2. Experiences/ Different cases of unfortunate events. For me this was one of the reasons why I was afraid to share because the last time I shared a piece that was hard to share it was a story of mine that was detrimental foe me, I was criticized harshly and felt like that was it for me. People laughed and looked at me differently. I guess you can say that night of sharing that piece broke me for real. I should have followed my gut then and did a different piece. But from that moment on I had a serious “Writer’s Block” that lasted almost a year or 2. There were times, I started pieces, and short stories etc. but I never finished them. I believed that my work wasn’t ever good enough. I had a hard time wanting to attend events, to be apart and to write because then I felt like my work/art was taken advantage of and I didn’t want to go through that again.

I’m at a place now where I write more, so now I have urges to share EVERYTHING lol. My courage is what keeps me writing and hopefully I’ll press ‘Post” on Instagram, FB or anywhere for people to see and share themselves. I do feel me getting closer to that place again… It’s just been hard but I’m getting there none the less.


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