I may not be your average height girl,
With long hair
Big ass
Big boobs
With both or either or
But I’m still that girl
That has a heart as big as
Them double D’s can hold
And my mind can probably
Do more work than dat ass can do.
I wasn’t built the way
people made them selves today
No shade because some of them have .
I just wasn’t built the way
you fantasized me to be
But your hopes
is what women consider.
We see
how fat Nickis, Kims, Yonces ass is
Just like yall do
But why can’t we be BAD
W/O those qualities too.
You see now all of a sudden
It’s a trend to workout
Do SQUATS everyday
because having a fat ass
is a trend now
Eating healthy is a
Trend now
We have to do more work
to be the trend now.

Girls that got that werk can most definitely get them Shots
S/O to you if you in here
But ughhh…
“But girl let me borrow
Some $$ to fulfill something”
Ha, you see …
Females have most definitely
Gotten too caught up
With a being a fan
They believe it’s okay
to enhance their natural beauty
To be seen
To be heard
To be love.
And yall men let us !

Yes yall men !
No matter how much
You try to be that gentleman
You still have that just
Like every other
“Damn if her ass was just a little fatter”
Or Damn if anything was what YOU wanted it to be”
Nothing doesn’t seem enough!
Men have the ability
To help us question our
Confidence because of what
May seem to be beautiful.

No one wants to be
Beautiful anymore everyone
wants to be baddie now.
No one wants to be
A Queen no more
We’re slaves to the
Mainstream some how.

I maybe a 6.5
But I can do just
As much with
My mind
My body
And yes my ass too
Or probably more
Even better than what a 10
Can do.
I maybe a 6.5
But I have been others
And I was a 10
But what do these number say
Anyway ?
Just counting off
how many others can have a say
So .
So I’m saying I am a
product as well of being conformed
With needing to do
So much when
Honestly less is best.
I’ll continue being a 6.5
For a while
Because I’m still a 10.


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