Past Tense

1. gone be in time and no longer existing
1. the time or a period of time before the moment of speaking or writing.
2. past tense of form of verb

The purpose of this message is that although there have been certain events that were detrimental and caused some type of suffering and/or loss to your life does not mean you don’t have to look back and reflect on how the situation could’ve been different. We are human we ALL do that sometimes.

Although you’ve made some horrible mistakes just yesterday and some years ago, doesn’t mean you’re a bad person if you reflect today/tonight and see how you could have made the right decision, or even telling yourself “I know what I did was wrong, I won’t do it again”. All it takes is honesty and admittance.

And maybe things didn’t work out in your relationship, but you believe you guys can eventually work things out or even still be friends like before and you want to be able to grow in some way with the person -but you know there are some things that have to be handled and talked about before you guys can intially grow (EVEN THOUGH IT MAY HURT AND BE EXHAUSTING); so you have to dig up some dirt (the mistakes, the issues, the stuff that hurts) and bring some things out from the hole (past), to figure out how things are going to be different. It’s going to be hurtful a tad because you have to go back -but all you want to do is learn from the mistakes. If you want to grow, you can’t keep recycling the habits that were afflicting your relationship. You have to be open to making it fresh and better, a discussion is necessary to have -even if your guy/girl wants to be stubborn and thinks you’re lingering in the past and can’t get over it, and telling you “just move on”, push yourself to say well its necessary and in order to grow we have to accept our dirty  truths and fix the issues. That’s all it takes! Of course no one wants to be or feel stuck but in order for you to get out the muck Boo, you have to admit that you’re going to do better and fix it. If you’re going to continue to ignore the issues at hand whether it was from yesterday to 5 years ago then you’re wasting time and don’t care and that is unfair to you.

Accepting the past and fixing the mistakes that happened some time ago is needed for your present and future. Its necessary if you want your best friend back in your life, it’s necessary if you want your man/woman back in your life. (now there are some things in the past i.e cheating, dv* -that may not be forgiveable but yea you got me!). Touching the past won’t hurt, and it shouldn’t if you want to GROW, love. Stop thinking it’s a horrible thing because touching your past is a beautiful thing especially, if you know “you’re not the same person you were yesterday”. Grow with me and let us see how we can better!

*Domestic Violence

😉 -Xo.


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