Another HIATUS, I’m Sorry :(

I’m sorry for the HIATUS you guys, I’ve been doing a lot of writing but not much posting. As a writer, I’m learning how to NOT shut-down when I get into my quiet place, those days where I dont seem or feel motivated, forgetting that they are people like you who are waiting for a post, seeing what else I have up my sleeve, are interested in what I feel and have to say!

I have to remember people are watching and that I can disappoint some and lose people’s interest in a second -so I have to be on my P’s and Q’s…

Balance is what I’m gaining and with that comes patience. So *takes deep breath* I’m going to push myself to be consistent and to not take these long pauses. Nowwwww look I’m not making a promise lol, I’m just saying bear with me as I go through this hard time sharing. I love writing and sharing my thoughts and I hope any of you that have gone through these pauses and hiatus of life that you guys push yourselves to keep working and doing what you love for the betterment of yourself and people. Push, just keep pushing through ! *high five*

-Xo NykiiJae


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