what am I really fighting for ? who even ?

-When do we make a decision to fight one another over Love? What were we really put on Earth to fight for? Were we put here to fight for the ones we love or to fight for our own defining of love and happiness? Is it selfish of me if I stop fighting for the one I love when he stopped fighting for me long ago? Or does that make it wrong -eye for an eye?

Since when did we come up with

Rules to let Love be fought for?

Wasting time and money like

Love had to be bought for.

I shouldn’t have scars and burns

on my hands for what I need in Life,

We . . . I shouldn’t have to

Tug on ropes for Love to stay

Because it always will

But we can switch roles

And you can be Jill and

Roll down that hill.

Since when did Love become

A toss of a coin having

To pick and choose;

We’ve really made Love a game

Like it’s a demon

Causing us ALL to lose.

Stay forcing myself to . . . Believe

I’ve wasted time fighting

For us . . . Fighting for you

Even, when I really was

Fighting for Love

To last and hold on just

A little longer

To just be a little stronger . . .

Fighting for Love

But you made me believe and

Trust something different, so

Now, I wonder . . . What were . . .

You fighting for? And . . . If

We were a team, what were . . .

We fighting for?

Oh how I’ve seen the light! Oh

Shine it on me Lord *Ha ha* See

Really, you probably wouldn’t

Even know in the 1st place

Scarred knees, red eyes, heavy

Hands, tired palms, fists full of tears

Trying to figure out why I’m

So tired from fighting

Fighting with a person who doesn’t

Even want to be fought for

Feels more like someone

Taking my hand, beating myself up

You’ve taken control and let

Me rest, what am I getting

Worked up for?

Walking around in

Silence, trying to find

Peace, within ourselves

Getting worked up some more

Thinking all has failed causing

Us to fight once more

Gaining strength some more

What Are We Really Fighting For?

Because if it’s Love

I don’t wanna fight this way

Making me feel like it’s not

Worth it, if I constantly

Have to get tired from figuring

Out if I’m supposed to fighting for

Our Love, when I know mine

Will always stay.


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