Motivation 2

There will always be that time where your momentum begins to start slowing down and you feel like you to need to stop EVERYTHING, to recollect. Recollect (your):





Just feel the fuel to refocus. We all fall short sometimes and get handed the short end of the stick; but it’s learning how to use that short end wisely. I’m at a place in my life whereI feel like I’ve been well off then some at the age of 23 but still far behind. School is losing my interest because I’m not in it the way I want to be. Work is becoming an environment where “it’s just work”; It’s not fun and enjoyable -I guess I didn’t get to that place yet. With that money has become low and short and you’re constantly trying to make ends meet, survive and be independent so you won’t have to ask for help. Not only that I’m losing interest in dance because the vibe and the energy is not there. Dancing with people and how spirits don’t connect frustrates me -passion in Art itself is lost. I love being a vessel for other in different ways. I’m learning how to not let people and their energies effect my purpose -but it becomes hard though. At the end of the day I don’t want to let anyone down in the process (although I feel like I somewhat have already). I may be pushing through but I’m saying all of this to say is if you don’t want any negative energy to effect with yours and your spirit make a decision to remove yourself. Doing that is okay. I know because all of that effects my work ethic in ALL THAT I DO AND WANT  TO DO. My attitude changes and all I want to do is just take this and help people.


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