Commitment Issues

I often feel like writing is a reflection of my relationship. Like how my habits and what I do and say reflect some how my relationship would be…

I easily get tired and find myself sleeping excessively when I have the time, which can end up being all day or all night. I’m always working and if I’m not doing that I’m mastering my craft -dancing, at church, or sleeping… I know, I know -EXCUSES, EXCUSES … but …. it’s trueeeee (lol as I pout while writing this out)  😩🙃😂 I literally tried to help myself, by “making my life easier” somehow:

  • Downloading WordPress on my iPhone in case I forget to write at all (why not use a device that’s more accessible than your computer? *shrugs*)
  • Use Notes on my iPhone incase I don’t use WordPress
  • Download other apps that can help my writing platform
  • Keep my notebook in my Purse at all times
  • Downloading Tumblr incase I change my platform

At first, it started to help then when I mistakenly swiped down in my settings of my phone that tells you which apps you should delete because you don’t use them in awhile… that’s when I knew I could possibly be the issue ( I mean at that point, I started to convince myself that I’m just flat out lazy -in which to others I probably am…. but on the brighter side I know I had a moment of a Hiatus. Another Pause, and every year it’s something different that triggers it and effects of why it happens.

I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced the same. Where, life gets ahead of you and can’t seem to control it, losing track of time and tiredness turns into rest that turns into you knocking the hell out, traveling excessively or simply no time at all.  We’ve all been there and time management is no joke. It’s easier said than done, but nothing is impossible.

Going back to “Commitment Issues” -I just find it funny how (saw what I did there…? Ha) we make all these excuses about why our goals aren’t getting met, why plans aren’t going through and why we’re so tired from life -that we often forget we make time for everything WE WANT to do and not to do. We make time if we want to sit and converse with guy/girl that approached us. We make time if we REALLY want to go out for the night our  weekend and have a good time. Those are decisions we make. So when it comes down to our passion, what we want to do with our lives, or making a business out of our craft, why is it so hard to focus on that and just “Do It”? What is so hard about taking a few moments to finish a blog post, a poem, finishing a book/magazine/site or what you love? What’s the real problem here? What’s the root? Let us hear but let it start from you.  It was hard for me, but look at me now see . *ting😊*


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