Pretty sure feelings, thoughts, preconceived notions or whatever of any cases are long overdue One thing I do know for sure  Are the words That weren’t allowed Need to be said Feelings, that I Never got a chance to express -Many thoughts, ideas, Probably some worries That were forced to be in my chest Can no longer rest I’ve given you time and now here’s mine. I’ll always be the greatest friend to you But I’d love the respect in return as well And although

What you say

What you do

May come from the purest Part of your heart -the things that you miss, don’t say or

don’t do

Or let go

Just because Is where the disrespect lies. What’s sad is that because of Where we stand now I feel like This wouldn’t even matter.  How I felt then and how I feel now wouldn’t matter because it’s kind of hard to believe you would take time out to really see where I’m coming from.

Wished well for your last Only Lord knew how long That’ll last But I really hope it all changed for you … Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t but only you know There are days when I still get mad at you There are days where I just want to laugh with you but none will ever feel the same I hope and pray to God when my name spill out your mouth that it doesn’t go in vain I pray and hope your thoughts of me are solemn. I continuously pray for you in all ways. Always.

You’re a great person but I know from both parties feelings aren’t the same Maybe some are deterred Although I want to feel the way that I did once before I’ve grown to understand and see more Of who you really are and ought to be The person I love dearly had a lot more parts of him underneath You were hiding from me when I was giving you

All of me

And sometimes I see why but I know you’re hiding more So that’s others won’t see But even the Bartimaeus’, Stevie’s, As the Rays’ know The unseen I love you regardless of the

Unspoken lies

Unheard thoughts

Unfelt feelings.

For a person To be so condition and up for the routine I still give you love unconditionally Even with all that used to be And now Hope before a move is made You take time to think About it All I’m sure there’s more It’ll always be but this here

Is for you from Me. Finally


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