Secrets. Lies.

When you call I answer out of respect now.

I still appreciate the attention

That was given last season

But I’ve came to realize

Much wasn’t going to be gained.

It sucks there are secrets

That you probably won’t tell

Meaning; meant for me to keep

But you hiring me for a job

I didn’t even ask for -doesn’t even

Have benefits for me.

It’s okay. It’s natural. It’s an instinct.

That most men seem to not acknowledge.

Like a woman pointing out

How Selfish a guy is being and his job is to

Mask it, make it about them

And think it’ll be forgotten.

Changing subjects. Pushing things off to later.

I realized one.

Who am I to be answered to?

Two. Why do I even think it’s okay to receive answers to questions that really have nothing to do with me in the first place?

So I take myself out the equation.

It’s annoying now. It’s not fulfilling now. And all I really am to you is a place holder.

A void. And I don’t feel like being a jar full of secrets that someone can’t seem to tell but enjoys showing people the good in all his love. But can’t seem to show his truths -the lack there of.


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