I didn’t want to make LUSHful Desires to long of a review so I separated the two reviews I did. The first one was the Hair treatment and now I’m doing the Rehab Shampoo and I’m going to add the process of how I used this particular product!!! 

I gave the Rehab Shampoo a rate of a 3.5 for many reasons: one being that it has sulfate in it & for Curly girls anything with sulfate or paraben is NOT SAFE at all! Also because, it’s not color safe which was another Con but ☝🏾️ Because this particular item is NOT color safe I’m using this item as: 

Calrifier (pretty much once a month or once every six months) which means you’re using a particular product to cleanse your hair from all damage and product build up to regain moisture, strength, growth again.

For hair that needs to focus on *HMR (high moisture retention) use with a leave-in/conditioner

This product will dry out your hair 

A LITTLE GOES A LONGGGGG WAY with this (it lathers quite a lot which means it has sulfate/paraban etc in it but from its natural source)

*High Porosity

My hair type is pretty much 4A-3C (yes I know lol) but it worked for what I was doing-which was to clarify my hair from product build up and damage. Because my hair is colored treated (with SheaMoisture) it dried my hair extremely quickly (felt the harshness while cleaning but knew because my hair is ‘CT’ it will dry and feel stripped although it wasn’t) which was least expected. I will suggest using this product ONLY to clarify and to retain moisture -to use with 1.’H’suan Wen Hua’ first 2. ‘Rehab’ 3. Any leave-in/condition of choice or deep condition right after 
I immediately put coconut oil in my hair because of the dryness (but also because I didn’t have my regular products due to hurricane Matthew and have been an evacuee for 4 days) I liked it -got what I needed and will use to my best ability. Be mindful if you’re natural and transitioning because it can be quite harsh to your hair…. if you’re a person like me that gets scary with sulfate and paraben products, all LUSH prods are natural and some sulfate/parabean/silicone prods come from natural essentials…

Be mindful! Be careful! And maybe it’s time to Clarify!!!

#naturallyTrue #nappyTruths #LUSHUSA #LUSHcosmetics


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