LUSHful Desires 

Eeeeekkkkkkk 😬😁 I brought my first 2 Lush Cosmetics and have been extremely excited lol  !!!  I’ve been drooling over wanting to buy lush products for a while and finally had the opportunity and asked myself “why not?”  So I did it !!

But to begin I’ve been natural for 5 years and I’m enjoying everybit of this journey -for the past two years I’ve been faithful to the product SheaMoisture and I love them BUTTTT -I’m realizing that you have to branch out and find products that really works for you and your form of hair. All lines might not work for your hair type… try DYI’s, try new products; your hair is your personal lab and I rather I be the scientist than an actual stylist playing in my hair *side eye* (I’ve been winning that way) ha! 

Now about the products: I love love love H’suan Wen Hua -hair treatment!!! If you’re a product junkie but also beauty conscious like I Am this product in particular might be your new best friend !

For a while now I’ve been having trouble trying to find the right product that would help retain moisture and not dry my hair out so quickly. My hair type is 4A/3C -it’s thick coarse hair. Going into the Fall/Winter seasons I needed to treat my hair quick and Lord and Behold this beauty fell in my hands! This kind of conditioner is used before you wash your hair which keeps the protein and nutrients in the shaft. Quite the opposite of what deep conditioner does but it still gets the job done. If you’re afraid of product build up because of the how to process for this product, no need to fear moisture will still be in your hair -lol !! All seriousness though if you’ve been needing a good Moisture feeding for your hair, this is the GO TO product!! I highly recommend it for:

Kinky/Curly hair 

Thick/coarse hair

High porosity hair 

For color treated hair use a color safe hair moisturizer/leave-in conditioner after 

*BTW if you use Rehab shampoo for any reason with this hair treatment you will see color drip because neither is color safe!* I only used them together to clarify my hair which will be once a month or once every six months* so be cautious either way. 

I still love it and might wash my hair with a different shampoo or ACV* next time because I love my color and love the moisture this product brings; so I’m using it forever !!! I loved it but be careful and all the synthetics and paraben comes from its essential oil in ingredients !! GO LUSH !! 

Apple Cider Vinegar* 

I will also do another blog on Clarifying and the other product -I didn’t want to make this one too long so BRB 😉🙃
#TEAMNatural #Lushcosmetics #LUSHUSA #CurlyNikki 


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