Pretty sure feelings, thoughts, preconceived notions or whatever of any cases are long overdue One thing I do know for sure  Are the words That weren’t allowed Need to be said Feelings, that I Never got a chance to express -Many thoughts, ideas, Probably some worries That were forced to be in my chest Can no longer rest I’ve given you time and now here’s mine. I’ll always be the greatest friend to you But I’d love the respect in return as well And although

What you say

What you do

May come from the purest Part of your heart -the things that you miss, don’t say or

don’t do

Or let go

Just because Is where the disrespect lies. What’s sad is that because of Where we stand now I feel like This wouldn’t even matter.  How I felt then and how I feel now wouldn’t matter because it’s kind of hard to believe you would take time out to really see where I’m coming from.

Wished well for your last Only Lord knew how long That’ll last But I really hope it all changed for you … Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t but only you know There are days when I still get mad at you There are days where I just want to laugh with you but none will ever feel the same I hope and pray to God when my name spill out your mouth that it doesn’t go in vain I pray and hope your thoughts of me are solemn. I continuously pray for you in all ways. Always.

You’re a great person but I know from both parties feelings aren’t the same Maybe some are deterred Although I want to feel the way that I did once before I’ve grown to understand and see more Of who you really are and ought to be The person I love dearly had a lot more parts of him underneath You were hiding from me when I was giving you

All of me

And sometimes I see why but I know you’re hiding more So that’s others won’t see But even the Bartimaeus’, Stevie’s, As the Rays’ know The unseen I love you regardless of the

Unspoken lies

Unheard thoughts

Unfelt feelings.

For a person To be so condition and up for the routine I still give you love unconditionally Even with all that used to be And now Hope before a move is made You take time to think About it All I’m sure there’s more It’ll always be but this here

Is for you from Me. Finally


Secrets. Lies.

When you call I answer out of respect now.

I still appreciate the attention

That was given last season

But I’ve came to realize

Much wasn’t going to be gained.

It sucks there are secrets

That you probably won’t tell

Meaning; meant for me to keep

But you hiring me for a job

I didn’t even ask for -doesn’t even

Have benefits for me.

It’s okay. It’s natural. It’s an instinct.

That most men seem to not acknowledge.

Like a woman pointing out

How Selfish a guy is being and his job is to

Mask it, make it about them

And think it’ll be forgotten.

Changing subjects. Pushing things off to later.

I realized one.

Who am I to be answered to?

Two. Why do I even think it’s okay to receive answers to questions that really have nothing to do with me in the first place?

So I take myself out the equation.

It’s annoying now. It’s not fulfilling now. And all I really am to you is a place holder.

A void. And I don’t feel like being a jar full of secrets that someone can’t seem to tell but enjoys showing people the good in all his love. But can’t seem to show his truths -the lack there of.


Aye girl, #BlackGirl , you Beautiful girl, you Gorgeous girl, you have #Magic like non other girl, you bring Life that you didn’t know you did girl, that body you have Exudes girl, you’re a Beauty girl, the curves your body creates girl guys die for, they plead girl. They way you Walk girl they can’t fathom, the way your Tongue Curves girl -they listen, they try to make you weak but you Strong girl, your posture -they see you a Queen girl, the way your hair falls underneath you Crown girl -they know you Powerful girl, you’re a Force girl. You #BlackGirl. I love you Girl. You Black Girl!




I may not be your average height girl,
With long hair
Big ass
Big boobs
With both or either or
But I’m still that girl
That has a heart as big as
Them double D’s can hold
And my mind can probably
Do more work than dat ass can do.
I wasn’t built the way
people made them selves today
No shade because some of them have .
I just wasn’t built the way
you fantasized me to be
But your hopes
is what women consider.
We see
how fat Nickis, Kims, Yonces ass is
Just like yall do
But why can’t we be BAD
W/O those qualities too.
You see now all of a sudden
It’s a trend to workout
Do SQUATS everyday
because having a fat ass
is a trend now
Eating healthy is a
Trend now
We have to do more work
to be the trend now.

Girls that got that werk can most definitely get them Shots
S/O to you if you in here
But ughhh…
“But girl let me borrow
Some $$ to fulfill something”
Ha, you see …
Females have most definitely
Gotten too caught up
With a being a fan
They believe it’s okay
to enhance their natural beauty
To be seen
To be heard
To be love.
And yall men let us !

Yes yall men !
No matter how much
You try to be that gentleman
You still have that just
Like every other
“Damn if her ass was just a little fatter”
Or Damn if anything was what YOU wanted it to be”
Nothing doesn’t seem enough!
Men have the ability
To help us question our
Confidence because of what
May seem to be beautiful.

No one wants to be
Beautiful anymore everyone
wants to be baddie now.
No one wants to be
A Queen no more
We’re slaves to the
Mainstream some how.

I maybe a 6.5
But I can do just
As much with
My mind
My body
And yes my ass too
Or probably more
Even better than what a 10
Can do.
I maybe a 6.5
But I have been others
And I was a 10
But what do these number say
Anyway ?
Just counting off
how many others can have a say
So .
So I’m saying I am a
product as well of being conformed
With needing to do
So much when
Honestly less is best.
I’ll continue being a 6.5
For a while
Because I’m still a 10.

If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew

How much I yearn for you

your touch

your kiss

your (want to) love

oh you’ve made me see lonely nights

and oh how you’ve made me see the darkest days

even when the sun can be shining so bright

If You Only Knew…

How much I truly care

still Love and Adore;

I swear you’re my drug

and I take you everyday

couple of hours

your the Oxytocin I need to go to sleep

the Blue Dream I need to start my mornings

and maybe even the Nicotine

to help ease through the day

If You Only Knew…

What looks I give these humans

that call themselves Men

the way they look at me

is not with Love and that it self

makes my stomach turn

– its so hard to move on when

all I want is you

call me Crazy

I can Only imagine what people

think of me now:



maybe even boarderline



I don’t know but

If You Only Knew…

How much I wanted to bomb

these cells I’m trapped in with

always the thought of you on my mind

If I can just kill

every moment

every memory

Good and Bad, but deep inside

I will want all of that poison

right back inside of me

Noxious -Oh you’re so dangerous

If You Only Knew…

How beautifully you’ve damaged me !

Oh how you have made me so


toxic for…

for someone else. To be their Damaged Goods

If You Only Knew…

Badly all I want(ed) i(wa)s your Love

and all you ever had to give was a mask

and basket full of lies and untold stories

with a broken heart to mend for

another woman

another Peasant

whom you of course will mistaken

for a Queen

to blinded to see all those ragged garments

that lies underneath that disguise

If You Only Knew…

The feeling I hated inside to

even have thoughts to taint your name

but never felt right to do

I have nothing left but Love

to just pray for you.

I started to get bitter

I could feel the tasteless tart

of your Lemonade

I was becoming

I wasn’t sweet as I once was before

Oh you took it all out Me!

If You Only Knew…

How much you affected my Life

and I know I shouldn’t have been

this dumb enough

cared so much

let our connection collect dust

the passion I had was too tough

or maybe you wasn’t man enough

I would hate to call you this

but Mr. Marley wouldn’t hesitate one bit if he

ever knew:

how astonishing, profoundinly

you Reticently awakened Me

My Soul

Enlightened my heart

and walked away with all I had

If You Only Knew…

That I’ve built so many boats

just so I can cry oceans for you

I’ve cried longer than I should

that the Atlantic couldn’t

even catch the salt from my eyes

and cried even harder than I ever would

so the Paacific can push me

back to shore but some how

I always seem to be crawling back

to them just to drown again.

How dangerous the days were when

it felt like all I ever was doing

was walking through Fire

and you would watch me burn

wouldn’t even think to get water

you would literally watch how far

my Love would go before

you even dare to try to love me

before you ran away to Go

If You Only Knew …

That even after all of what you read

even after all I’ve said

after the Hurt and Pain

that you…


would always be my one

you were always the one

No matter how long it’ll take you to see

No matter how long it’ll take you to be

I’ll still be right here


Oh I just wish you Knew

it was time for you to be here

where you were supposed to be

right here with me

If You Only Knew…

That all the Love you’re trying

to get and give everybody else is

supposed to be for me

from me

I don’t mind sharing the Love that’s

meant for me because none

will ever compare to what I’ve shown


have for you

oh but while they’re trying to love you

they don’t even know the half

of what they getting from me

my Love is contagious

my Love is a disease

and I’m STILL willing to give a piece

of me away

knowing it’ll feel like a lifetime but be years

before i’ll ever feel your Love again

If You Only Knew

The Blues

The Blues

Setting: Harlem, NY

Homage: the Harlem Renaissance

When I sit down and listen

All I hear is snaps of fingers

Taps of shoes, pat on legs

and Sha-ba-daba-doo-wops

and moments of humming

You.. bring love to my soul

I dare you to listen all night

I have a new high- Hi my Sweet Love

I want you to rock to me sleep

with your rhythm.

Caress me with your Blues

I want to dance all night

and make you my Love,

Love, you give me fire-

You give me Life

Make me walk the street of

Harlem and watch the lights of NY

Let them shine on me

and dance with me

Dance with Me!

I want you to be apart of me;

Be apart of my Blues

Be the Blues… Yes… I want

You to be my Blues

I want to listen and groove

On the streets 0f 108th -134th st

Speak to me

Sing to me

Bring Savoy and let my inner

Ballroom glow, lets take the

Cotton you’ve picked to build

This club. This is our club Blues

Lets Renaissance this thang on out

and make something.

Lets create the Blues.

Let us be our Blues.


You’re rich and soft

Yet, sometimes Hard.

You give me feelings like

non-other because 

You don’t even have to try,

All you have to do is just 

be in my mouth and 

melt like ice on a hot 

Summery Day

Your curves are what

turns me on and the way

you taste keeps me going

Once you’re in my hand 

there’s no turning back that,

soft brown skin you’re covered with

make me feel special and when 

your coat covers the unknown

you leave me curious. 

What are you covering?

I want to know 

I need to know what’s inside

you ADD fuel to my 


As soon as you’re gone

I want more I cant get enough

you keep me running

back for more. 

It’s something about you

I can’t let you go 

we become one, and you

are just so… damn…Beautiful

I become you, 

and I taste just like you

so, let me melt away in your

mouth and send all you’ll ever 

need up and down your spine.

They say: you are what you eat;

so I want to be Lady Godiva

lady godiva