Latin stem word VER= Truth / ON=To be on top of

Veron is her name, but  Ontruth seems like it stuck with her since its literally what her name means and people liked it.

(although the meaning is wayyyyyy deeper than that)*

She gave herself that name from being apart of a poetry group (Spitfire Poetry Group) in Savannah, GA -where she needed a stage name, so *BOOM* Ontruth was it. Ontruth was her.

Originally from Jersey, Newark to be exact -this JerseyGirl brought some “SWAG” with her to the south -so some people said. She’s is known by some as a Poet, but shes been writing poetry at a young age. Inspired by many: the late Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar just to name a few. Writing was a SECRET passion of hers until this moment -she has started many books but never finished from having hiatus that caused her to drop her pen. This moment would embark on those endeavors and a beginning of a new chapter on her Journey. Still dances -her first Love, still in school -where she enjoys studying Fashion, which is another passion of hers.

Creator. Artist. Leader. Lover. LifeGiver. Compassionate. She is the embodiment of Art and Love. And through this BLOG, you will see many sides of that !!